• theory of everything
    We at ThetaHealing® Science pride
    ourselves on the quality of our research.
    We keep an open mind and we are undeterred
    by dogmas and prejudices which
    so often plague the mainstream science.

  • theory of everything
    The most exciting Theory of Everything teaches us that in the core of all existence, and everything around us, are the vibrating strings of energy.

  • Icemen finally undergoing medical tests
    Our bodies and our minds are capable of so much more than we think is possible. See without eyes, survive deadly temperatures and much more.

  • self healing
    Scientific evidence is mounting that the human body is capable of self-healing - and that every one of us possesses the powers to overcome illness.

  • Being a scientist is not a profession - it is a calling
    Being a scientist is not a profession - it is a calling - a human desire to discover new and unknown. Everyone can be a scientist by following the scientific method of discovery.

ThetaHealing® Science: exploring and explaining cutting edge scientific research

Mind over Matter

While classical physics are quite easy to understand and to relate to, the introduction of quantum mechanics offered the way forward, but at the price of introducing us to a world of a strange and counter-intuitive nature.
“God doesn't play dice with the world.” is a famous saying attributed to Albert Einstein, who despite being one of the giants in the field of physics could not bring him-self to understand the unpredictable nature of events on a subatomic level.
In the quest for the Theory of Everything, one effort has been on the front line of this search: The String Theory. This theory aims to reconcile findings of the Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. This is an elegant description of the world around us based on the idea that every bit of matter is a vibrating string of energy.

Mind over Body

Our bodies can do so much more than we imagine - for example we can survive deadly cold temperatures. Mr. Wim Hof has discovered that this is quite possible, yet scientists have been refusing to examine him!
Daniel Kish has been blind since the earliest days of his life, yet has discovered that he can see by using echo-location. He has now re-purposed his brain to interpret echo by using the clicking sound he makes with his mouth. And now he can ride a bicycle!
Can we see the future? Professor Daryl Bem has proven that we can. His experiments have been proving over and over again that normal everyday people have the ability to predict events that are about to happen a few seconds into the future. An exciting and wonderful discovery!

Mind over Illness

While classic physics is quite easy to understand and relate to, the introduction of quantum mechanics has offered the way forward, but at the price of introducing us to the world of a strange and counter-intuitive nature.
What are the limits of our influence on those processes? ThetaHealing® Science asks these questions while investigating the causes of the few hundred thousand reported and recorded cases of people, that have crossed the boundaries of what the human body is capable of.
When it comes to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) traditional science is at a loss. Numerous pills, the names of which only a few can pronounce, usually cause more harm than good. But now the US Military has recognized that energy healing techniques such as ThetaHealing® is the answer!

Welcome to ThetaHealing® Science website

We live in exciting times - times of scientific miracles.

There are more scientists working today than in all of history ... combined!

In the CERN institute near Geneva, Switzerland - the biggest and most expensive scientific experiment of all time is operating as we speak. It is called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC for short) with it costing over 6 billion dollars - this monstrous machine is being used to channel enormous amounts of energy in collisions of small matter particles in order to probe the structure of the entire Universe.

At the same time thousands of the most brilliant minds in physics are busy using data from LHC to postulate “The Theory of Everything” - one single, elegant explanation, of everything in the entire Universe; an idea that combines the theories of giants like Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Bohr and many others into the big picture. Physicists have postulated “The String Theory”. It is up to experiments in LHC to deliver the definitive proof.

Exciting research is not only done by thousands of physicists with multiple PhD’s operating billion dollar machinery, but ordinary people liberated by free access to the vast repositories of knowledge on the Internet have started taking research into their own hands. After all - being a scientist is a calling. Albert Einstein did not  have a university degree and was just a clerk at a patent office working on his theories while using only pen and paper.

In the first decade of the 21st century many people were intrigued by the power of the mind, and have decided to take matters into their own hands. Without any formal education (which in this case means not to be burdened by the dogmas and the influence of the powerful pharmaceutical multinationals) those brave people like Mr. Wim Hof from The Netherlands and Daniel Kish from USA (to name but a few) have embarked on cutting edge neurological / medical research with a potential to turn the world upside-down. And they have been begging medical establishment to test their abilities for years, mostly without success.

ThetaHealing® in short

ThetaHealing is essentially applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave; which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is -- the energy in everything -- to identify issues and witness healing on the physical body, and also to identify and change limiting beliefs.

As more and more medical data begins to be freely published on the Internet, many people have started seeing odd things. Researchers have turned a blind eye on the remarkable cases of people healing themselves: astonishing numbers that are simply being ignored and described as “spontaneous remission”. After all - almighty pharmaceutical multinationals propagate the one single dogma: if something is not cured by (our) pills - it is not worth looking into. Healing according to them can only come from a product with their logo on it (and a price-tag to match!)

More than a decade ago, Lady Scientist Ms. Vianna Stibal began looking into bringing together all the various areas of cutting edge scientific research: particle physics, neurological research and cases attributed to “spontaneous remission”. Finally in 2011 she has decided to create one single place to present the results of her own on-going research and share them with a world-wide audience, stimulate dialogue and encourage people to join her in expanding their knowledge.

So join us, have a look through this website, look at the facts presented and read about the theory behind ThetaHealing® Science. We ask you to  form your own conclusions. You can also consider following one of ThetaHealing® seminars or by reading some of the books. For more information: www.thetahealing.com.